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A Man Rescues Squirrel and they Become Inseparable

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  1. That’s the scariest video I’ve seen . Squirrels and the fuzzy little KGB. They are always plotting against me and if I was not terrified I would start a squirrel prison, Squirrelcatraz . I would pit them against each other turning the weak one into rats, and ruin their crime syndicate. I would get the ones that won’t sell out each other on Rico charges and take them all down. The “rat” squirrel s would go into the squirrel protection program with alias’s (they would be living as chipmunks) but me and the Squirrelcatraz Special Investigator know their true identities. It’s like that Steve Martin movie My Blue Heaven but the Moranis role will be played by Tom Cruise and Martin’s role by those disloyal squirrel s. Of course cruise was chosen because he is roughly the same height as the Squirrel/Chipmunks , other cast members include D.Devito, R.Peralmam and WeeMan from jackass. Of course Cruise was more short than the rest of the cast and after heel inserts and funky camera angles we were able to actually make him taller( reportedly this is in all of his contracts since he became a Scientologist as everyone who becomes one shrinks due to the ridiculousness of the religion and gods slap on the wrist punishment for leaving any of his real religions) go to tinytomcrazycruise.com and you can see some still shots taken from the footage. Thanks so much and remember Squirrel s suck.

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