About WorldVillage

The Evolution of WorldVillage

Thanks to you, our citizens and visitors, WorldVillage has become a very popular site on the web. We thought you’d enjoy a look at the graphical evolution of WorldVillage. If nothing else, it’s good for a few chuckles. Enjoy!

WorldVillage: Conceptualizing the Site

This image is taken from a sketch created during the inception of WorldVillage, about January 1995. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted to do at the time. We did know that we wanted to create a virtual world that would be entertaining and look cool. Is this sketch cool, or what? 😉

Ah… the first WorldVillage created by computer. Josh Williams designed this image according to our first specifications in February 1995. Our first thought for the multimedia area was to call it MultiMedia Mountain. Yeah, right. However, WorldVillage wasn’t online yet, and this image never saw the light of day (until now). Along with the map came our first logo. Kinda sharp, hmm?

Josh fine-tuned the rough draft, and completed this image in March of 1995. You can see the many ideas we had for various regions of WorldVillage. The School House was still called Learning Land. Most of the concepts illustrated here have been implemented today. This image, too, never got on to the page.

WorldVillage evolved to another level when Robert Heimer sat at his Macintosh and created this image in May of 1995. We were pleased with it, and it was the first image to appear online when WorldVillage debuted on the world wide web in July of 1995. However, we still wanted something more for our look, so we sought another artist who could make WorldVillage come to life. And our second incarnation of our logo came about as well.

Enter Tim Stiles. WorldVillage had entered the web and began to make a splash. This image really conveyed more of the feel that we were trying to evoke. 3D, rendered, warm, fun, friendly, and yet, mature. This map appeared in August of 1995.

We fine-tuned the background of the map, and brought the Village Square into the picure. This image was online from October of 1995 through early February of 1996. But with the addition of two new areas, a new map was on the way . . .

This rendering featured the new Internet Hotel as well as The WorldVillage Office. Although this image was used for several months, we recognized that WorldVillage was beginning to get a bit crowded. Plans were already being made to remedy this situation. The new logo finished out this new WorldVillage look!

And here we were a couple months later. Tim has continued to provide top-notch images, as can be seen from our newest rendering, which now includes our Village Chapel, a spiritual resource for WorldVillage visitors. As you can see, WorldVillage acquired more land and was able to spread out the areas a bit. And a new, crisper logo makes it’s appearance.

Next, the Village Square reappeared, making room for WorldVillage Chat, and a partnership with Match.com.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! As WorldVillage prepared to enter 1997, a whole new look evolved, with lots of primary colors and a fun attitude! WorldVillage KIDZ made it’s debut, and many new features were being hatched. The new logo topped off the new look with it’s bright colors, inviting others to place it on their own home page.

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