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Addicting Game: Warcraft III – Defence of the Ancients (DOTA)

If you were into online gaming you’d probably know about online games such as Gunbound, Rose Online, World or WarCraft, WarCraft 3 and many more. All these games are available free to download and play whether you’re in a Cyber Cafe or at home. With a minimum fee, you’ll get to play endlessly.

The trend of online and LAN gaming is getting out of hand and it has become more than just another computer game, it is a lifestyle. You can walk into any Cyber Cafes in Subang Jaya and you’ll see these places are hoarded with students and all of them are fanatic online gamers. What surprises me am the alarming number of females playing these online gamesand trust me, some of them are really good at it. But it’s usually the boys that would talk and laugh about it after every game. Some fights even broke out because of thrash talking. Silly!

But what’s more funny is when they start talking computer games. 2- 3 years back, you’d probably hear people shouting Fire in the hole or Team fall back aimlessly over at mamak stalls. As ridiculous as it may sound but that was the Counter-Strike time, a popular team-based mod of Valve’s first-person shooter Half-Life. Now, you’ll occasionally hear people talking about Luna, Lina, Medusa and Zeus. No they are not talking about mythical characters in novel or a storybook, they are actually talking about DOTA.

Defence of the Ancients (called DOTA for short) is a custom game map created for the Blizzard’s famous game Warcraft 3.Originally developed for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (and wildly popular) by Eul, the map was later ported onto Frozen Throne (the expansion pack for Warcraft 3), was released. Currently the most popular ports of DOTA are Allstars, CHAOS and Classic.

Lemme tell you this, this game is seriously addictive. Gamers can play on for hours and hours and sometimes they lose track of time playing DOTA. I myself am quite an avid DOTA freak. I’m lucky enough to have the luxury to play DOTA online in the comfort of my own room. This game is so addictive that many students made Cyber Cafes as their 2nd home. Some practically live there! These gamers have got a habit, after every game or two; they will all go over to the nearest mamak stall and talk about it. So you if ever overheard youngsters talking, laughing and shouting words like OWNING and GODLIKE, you’ll know that they are DOTA FREAKS

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