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ALS (The Ice Bucket Challenge!)

ALS made a great play with their simple idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Sure, there are Nah-Sayers who will discredit ALS, (mostly with the comment “clean water wasted and not given to the needy”) but the true factor we need to look at is what ALS has achieved by their challenge. The idea of the challenge is pretty clear, and for those that may still not know the rules, here’s a brief overview: If you are challenge to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, you have two options, record yourself getting a bucket of ice water dumped on your head, while challenging others to do the same, or donate to ALS. Simple, right? By doing this simple challenge they have received millions of videos of people doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, but more importantly, they have received over 700k new donators to their cause.

ALS #Ice Bucket Challenge-01

Image from PBS.org

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  1. John Griffin

    The infographic is breathtaking. Raising those kind of funds in such a short period of time is simply amazing. I’m wondering how this challenge could be recommended as an option to world leaders instead of saber rattling. Calmer, cooler heads perhaps?

    What is even more perplexing is the two public figures crushing the competition. How far the pendulum swings in either direction. One known for his contributions to jet propelling the world forward and now known for his contributions to the humanitarian relief of the world and the other………well?

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