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Are Ouija Boards Dangerous? – True Ouija Board Stories

Are Ouija Boards Dangerous? – True Ouija Board Stories 

Are Ouija boards dangerous?  Whilst there are some who through skill or good luck find positive experiences whilst using the Ouija board the majority of those who dare to play live to regret it.  With tales ranging from ominous noises to full-blown Demonic possessions the Ouija board is not a game to be entered into lightly, as both sanity and soul are said to be placed at risk by those who place their fingers upon the planchette, and ask questions of those who dwell beyond our realm.

Whilst there are Ouija board rules and Ouija board protection prayers etc. that are said to minimize the chances of a Ouija board player connecting with a negative entity if used correctly, there are no guarantees.  And even the strongest willed and stable minded may lose their nerve, when reality and logic twist and bend around them opening their eyes, to a new world of terrifying possibility’s.


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So, are Ouija boards dangerous?  Read the following true Ouija board stories and decide for yourself:

True Ouija Board Stories

* ‘We accidently summoned a demon and we had to banish it with the help of our friends cousin who was fightin it he told us how to banish it but it is followin the chick who summoned it i talked to a demon that told me to cut my nose off to let me talk to a angel and keep doin 666 which was pretty creepy.’

* ‘My sisters and I played thing game when my oldest sis got a brand new apartment after leaving the nest. The three of us played for about two-hours, lights off and about four candles flickering. When we asked the spirit to prove he was there, my sisters then neon phone lit up and rang! Wanna hear something even crazier??? She didn’t have service yet! The phone wasn’t going to be connected until another four days and worst yet, it was even plugged in!’

* ‘me and some friends was parting one night and you not supposed to play when you have an unclean system, its easier for possesion, but it started saying bad things to me so i started cursing at it. then it told me i was going to suffer with loss. we asked what it ment and it said i was going to loose someone very close to me. and it may be all just a crazy thing but the next day my mother died in an accident… and it was horibile it was a horible way to go and I feel it told me it was going to happen.’

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