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Baby Walking Tips: Help Your Baby Learn To Walk

Would you like some tips about how to teach your baby to walk? Here are some tips we used in helping our baby learn to walk.

Baby walking tip #1: Instill confidence

Baby’s are smart. If you punish a baby for a certain behavior, they will quickly learn not to do it. Similarly if everytime your baby tries to walk, they fall down and get hurt, they will learn not to do that too. Therefore, make learning to walk a fun and positive experience so your baby becomes confident in their walking ability and your baby will be walking much sooner. How do you instill confidence in your baby’s walking techniques? Stay with your baby when they are learning to walk. Applaud their successes. Catch them if they fall. Create a safe baby walking environment so if they fall they can not and will not get hurt. If your baby falls often and gets hurt, they may decide to stop trying to walk. If you can create an environment for the baby to learn their baby walking skills safely and comfortably, they are more likely to walk sooner.

Baby walking tip #2: Practice baby standing skills

Before your baby can walk, they need to have strength in their legs. Let them stand somewhere where they can hold onto something and if they fall, they will not hurt themselves. For example, a great baby walking environment at this stage is big soft upholstered chair or sofa where they can hold onto the back and if they fall, they will fall onto the sofa and not hurt themselves. Make sure that the sofa or chair has a big enough seat cushion for this so that the baby can not fall off. If you do not have that let your baby stand holding a playpen railing and place plenty of soft pillows all around, Sit next to your baby so that you catch them if they fall. This way, if you accidentally do not catch them, they will only fall into fluffy pillows.

Baby walking tip #3: Practice baby cruising skills

Once a baby can stand well for 30 minutes to an hour without tiring, it might be time for them to learn to cruise. Let your baby stand at a low table and place some toys on the table top. Let them stand and play for a period of time to strengthen their legs and train their balance.. Sit behind your baby in a chair and prepare to catch them when (not if) they fall. Do this on a plush carpeted floor where your baby will not hurt themselves if for some reason you fail to catch them.

Baby walking tip #4 : Consider a baby walking harness

Once your baby is cruising consider a baby walking harness. A baby walking harness is a great tool for helping a baby get confidence with walking. You can stand behind your baby as they are practicing their baby walking technique and hold the straps so your baby can not possibly fall. Allow your baby to support themselves as much as possible using the baby walking harness to prevent them from falling and injuring themselves.

Baby walking tip #5 Consider head protection

Another product to consider to assist in safe baby walking is some kind of head protection. There are many toddler helmets on the market and these might help protect your baby head if they fall. When your baby is walking on its own, you may not always be there to catch them when they fall. A baby helmet might prevent some painful falls and may help your baby to stay confident.

Baby walking tip #6: Consider baby walking socks

Baby walking socks are nothing more than regular socks with grippy rubber bonded to the sole of the foot. Baby walking socks are non-skid socks which will help your baby to keep from slipping on the floor. Baby walking socks are ideal if you have cold floors. If your floors are not cold allow your baby to train their walking with bare feet. Walking in footie pajamas for example, will make it more difficult for your baby to learn to walk.

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