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Barbeque And Alcohol Drinks Pairing

Drinks automatically come with foods. So whenever we eat and whichever foods we eat, we essentially need to drink some beverage to swallow and appreciate more the taste of the foods we consume, just like in eating our favorite barbeque dish. When the barbeque is too excellent to eat, sometimes we tend to eat a lot of grilled meat that we tend to get choked with the amount of foods we consume. Clear and Ice cold water or beer are the most basic beverages to pair with barbeque and any kind of food but on occasions we may want to drink something more special than iced water or beer and wines.

Sparkling type of wines is an excellent pair for almost any kind of food that is grilled, may it be chicken, pork, beef, etc. Choose wines that are light-bodied, not heavy and easy to drink. White wines are best for roasted chicken, fish and other pork dishes. Barbeques that are rubbed and blackened with spices are best matched with white wines. White wines, like Sauvignon Blanc, have certain acidity and best suits the taste of spiced meats. Fish variants that have more fats like trout, tuna and rockfish, are best matched with Chardonnay and Burgundy. Vegetable grilled burgers and regular hamburgers with mushroom sauce are also best paired with Chardonnay.

Rosé wine are wines whose color range from orange to pink are perfect for adding spirit to a casual gathering in outdoor settings. The acid content of rosés when served cold and brisk are also good, perhaps better to match the grilled and roasted flavors of foods.

Pinot Noir is perfect for grilled salmon or pork. Other foods that go well with the Pinot Noir are smoked bacon and meats.

Red wines such as California Cabernet, Barolo and Bordeaux are best paired with grilled and barbecued beef tenderloin, ribs, steaks and beef burgers. If the barbeque is too spicy or hot, Malbec, Shiraz or Zinfandel may be substituted. In choosing wine for your barbeque dish, the main idea is to pick something out of simplicity. Especially in outdoor settings, select a beverage that can match the casual dining mood.

Yet if you want to make a more special dining experience with barbeque, whip up some concoctions from your mini-bar in the house. If you are grilling a flavorful pork barbeque, its bold and daring flavors are best suited with some light, airy, refreshing cocktail drink with a strong spirit base. Bring out your aged rum or whisky and mix with other appropriate liquids such as soda and you’ll surely have the most special barbeque of all.

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