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Basement Window Treatments

Finding the right basement window treatments can be a bit different than dealing with any other type of window treatments. Basement windows are quite a bit different from the rest of the windows in your home, so this means you are going to need to take special care in picking out your basement window treatments. The following are some excellent tips that will help you pick out the best window treatments for your basement windows.

Tip #1 – Light is Extremely Important

The first thing to remember when you are picking out basement window treatments is that the light is going to be extremely important in your basement. Since the windows are quite small, it can be difficult to get in the amount of light you need, and you definitely do not want to take away any of the light with your window treatments. For this reason you will want to pick treatments that are light and that will let plenty of light into the basement. You want to make sure that you have plenty of light to make the basement a cheery place.

Tip #2 – Don’t Overwhelm the Small Windows

It is also important that you do not overwhelm the small basement windows with your basement window treatments. Choosing treatments that are too heavy or too large can overwhelm the windows and make it look bad. You should probably pick treatments that are light and airy instead for a very understated look that will make your basement look great.

Tip #3 – Make Sure to Brighten the Room

You will also want to use your basement window treatments to brighten up the entire room. Unfortunately basements can seem a bit dark and dreary, so choose some light and bright colors for your treatments. This will help to make a brighter atmosphere in your basement.

Tip #4 – Remember Privacy is Important

While the windows in your basement are probably small and close to the ground, you will still want to keep your privacy in mind. This is especially important if you have neighbors that live very close to you. What happens in your basement should stay in your basement, so pick out basement window treatments that will keep it private. You may want to go with curtains that let in the light while still offering privacy, or you may even want to go with some mini blinds that you can open and close as you need to.

You can make a basement a bright and cheery place to be, but in order to do so you will need to pick out the right basement window treatments. When you go to find your window treatments for your basement, keep these four simple tips in mind. The great thing about the treatments for basement windows is that they are fairly inexpensive, so if you need to make a change it will not break your budget to do so.

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