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Beneficial Properties of Bananas

Nutritionists and medical researchers say that if there’s only one fruit you can have it’s best to make it a banana. That’s because a banana is naturally fat-free, contains vitamins and minerals, has a lot of fiber, tastes good, and is a great source of energy. Plus, it is one of the cleanest fruits due to its naturally protective feel.

Bananas contain the highest level of starch and dietary fiber among other fruits. That’s why even a single banana can give a feeling of fullness, a great help if you are weight conscious. What more can you ask from a fruit that’s fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol free yet so satisfying?

The fiber content of bananas also make it “Nature’s Digestive Calmant.” Bananas are calmants because they help relieve the effects of stress such as peptic ulcer by protecting the stomach walls.

Bananas contain more digestible carbohydrates than any other fruit. The advantage is, your body burns off more calories from carbohydrates quickly and easily than calories from protein or fat- giving you a high metabolic rate. What’s more, bananas also make a great post-exercise snack because it replaces lost vitamins and minerals during a strenuous activity. That’s why most athletes prefer bananas than any fruit as their snack during a game break.

Bananas also contain the highest level of potassium among other fruits. This mineral helps minimize the risk of stroke by reducing blood pressure. This mineral is also considered as a primary “brain food” because it is needed in the proper function of the nervous system. Aside from potassium, bananas also contain the highest level of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine).

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