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Brain Detox For Mental Clarity

In this day and age, the proper function of the brain is the first and foremost priority for most people. Why spend time and money on liver cleansing or on a diet for a kidney cleanse, when we leave our most important organ unprotected?

In general people count on the blood/brain barrier to keep the brain from toxic substances that can affect its function. However, most of us know from practical experience that some things get through. If you drank too much on New Year’s Eve then you know exactly what I am talking about. There are some chemicals that get through and affect the brain.

Some chemicals are able to enter the brain by binding to fats. Others are able to penetrate under circumstances optimal for penetration, such as times when blood sugar levels are high.

Toxins in the brain can affect a person’s memory, ability to cogitate, emotional state, and ability to communicate and think properly. Toxins inhibit proper brain function by adhering to binding sites that are meant for neurotransmission. When these sites are compromised, many functions of the brain are diminished, possibly affecting the brain’s ability to control the body and perform functions necessary for thinking and maintaining emotional balance. Other toxins can cause inflammation. Because the brain is severely confined, swelling can create pressure that is harmful.

Preliminary studies indicate that the elimination of toxins may help patients suffering from dementia. For example, when isoprostanes were reduced in some patients, it provided some relief because the accumulation of the chemical resulted in the destruction of cells necessary for proper brain function.

Why wait for a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s before protecting and optimizing your brain function? By following a few detox procedures, you may find that you are brighter, quicker and more mentally productive and upbeat.

Ginkgo biloba is used to promote brain function and improve cognitive function by improving blood flow and protecting against oxidative damage. There are clinical studies showing that it improves attention in the average adult. It has also been known to improve the function of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. While it has gained popularity in recent years in western culture, it has been revered as a way to optimize brain function for many years in other countries. By taking between forty and two hundred mg per day, the improvement in blood circulation to the brain can allow for improved brain chemistry.

Green tea has been seen as a great way to improve health for many years, but in recent years the effects on the brain have been indicated by serious studies. The Journal of Nutrition shows that green tea extracts improved cognitive ability in rats. This study supports the claims made every day by people who have experienced an improvement in brain function and chemistry after consuming green tea on a regular basis.

As with all other detox programs, the best thing you can do to eliminate toxins from your brain is to drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated and do not wait until you are thirsty to drink healthy fluids.

You should not neglect your brain and let it go atrophy. Take care of the organ that holds it all together and gives you a sense of well being. Brain detox can give you a better grasp on your future.

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