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Top 10 Best Cambodian Wedding Dresses In Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cambodia has a unique culture among other Asian countries and of course a wonderful lovely people of the world. Cambodian people are friendly and soft when talking to everyone around them and really respectful to either kids, adutls and older people.

In the olden day Cambodia celebrate the wedding party for their son and daughter up to 3 days or even 7 days but rarely seeing happen in today generation except some places like in Siem Reap province occasionally people celebrate a 3 day wedding party for their children at home.

If they celebrate 3 days wedding party for the bride and the groom, the parents and the new couple would invite hundreds of thousand of people to come by deviding into two or three different group for the first day guests, second day guests and the third day guests. But these are not popular anymore because it involve with huge expeneses and need a lot of perparation along the way to get all the thing setup. Imagine just under 100 people or guests you would busy enough to prepare all the items, stuffs for party or wedding party. Like in the western world, people don’t really like to invite a lot of people or guests to come unless they are a very famous person and able to absorb with all kind of expenses.

Today, each family or the new couple like to celebrate a wedding party which only taking one day to do all the important ceremonies. Usually, they have one afternoon “Chol Roung” as the beginning of the wedding celebration for the new couple and then the family will have time to rest during the night for the next morning preparation which will be more busier.

The second day is a bit busy for parents of both sides, relatives and the new couple because there will be many small ceremony which they will have to go through to make the wedding completed.

Wedding Outifts/ Wedding Dresses in Cambodia

Talking about Wedding Dresses for Cambodian Wedding is quite amazing because there will be ten pairs of wedding clothings for this 2 days ceremony. Usually the bride family, the bride herself and the groom will be the people who decide to choose the wedding dresses/outfits for this big day party.

In the countryside, the new couple would choose around 5 or 6 pairs of dresses so they can wear and take picture together and for the evening reception. But for the main town and especially in Phnom Penh city, people would choose at least 10 wedding dresses with modern fashion style like western and Cambodian Traditional Wedding Cloths.

With all these number of dresses, the bride and the groom will have to change their dresses very often during the program and from each of the ceremony.

On the first day, they will have about half of the dresses with traditional and new fashion styles that must wear otherwise they won’t have a chance after the program passed and then the second day in the morning, they would wear most of the Khmer Traditional Wedding Dresses with new fashion design of very beautiful fabric.

After the morning session finished, they don’t have much thing to do just rest so they can bear with the evening reception which will take place from around 4:30pm to 9:00pm.

During these several hours, the bride and the groom will have to choose all the favorite dresses to wear and before the cutting cake ceremony at night they will have to wear the whith custom (White Night Wedding Dress) and holding hands walk in between the wedding walking way toward the stage. These are all the very beautiful set of cloths and wedding ceremony which will make all of them remember this special Big Day!

Australian Wearing Cambodian Wedding Dress

2 Males and 4 Females Put On Cambodian Wedding Dresses in Different Colors

Khmer Wedding Cloths

3 Cambodian Stars on Khmer Traditional Wedding Dresses

Cambodian Movie Stars on Silver Wedding Dress

Cambodian Famous Stars on Gold Color Khmer Wedding Dress

Cambodian Bride Wedding Dress

White Wedding Dress for Cambodian Bride

White Night Cambodian Bride Wedding Dress

Meas Sok Sophea on Khmer Wedding Dress

Light Green Bride Custume for Cambodia Wedding

Cambodia Wedding Dress in Light Green Color

Blue Cambodian Bride Wedding Dress

Blue Cambodian Bride Wedding Dress

Yellow New Couple Cambodian Wedding Dress

Yellow New Couple Cambodian Wedding Dresses

Among all of these, which one do you like most? There are hundreds more styles and fashion where you can find it from the wedding organizing for clothings shop in Phnom Penh. You can compare the price for rental which will cost you around $800 to $3000 for the whole day rental with full services. Best of luck!

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