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Clean Yourself out and Detoxify

The first thing you need to learn about the way your body functions is that not everything inside your body is perfect and clean. There are these little substances called toxins that liter your body. How do these toxins get into your body? There are many ways for toxins to be introduced into your system. One of them is by the environment, if the level of pollution is high then just breathing the air can introduce toxins into your lungs. Another way that these negative toxins enter your body is by what you eat. Everything you eat could potentially introduce some negative substances, but junk foods, white processed sugars and most highly processed foods contain a lot of toxins.

The trick to cleaning your body out is simple. You must prevent these toxins from ever entering your body, by changing the way you eat. Replace any addictive drugs that you consume with fruits. For example if you have a cup of coffee every morning, squeeze two oranges and a clementine and have some fresh juice instead. It only takes about 5 minutes to squeeze your own fruit juice and it will really give you a boost of energy in the morning. You don’t need to have a large breakfast with “something heavy” in your stomach. In fact having a lighter fruit breakfast is exactly what your body needs to clean out the toxins in it.

What is Detox?

Detox is what your body does to remove toxins from your cells. When you are in detox, you may feel ill because of the all of the negative substances being processed by your body’s immune system. For example, if you decide to have some freshly squeezed fruit juice or a smoothie in the morning your body will be able to begin detoxification. You might feel kind of tired or a bit more sluggish, even though the thought of eating more fruit might make you think that you’d be full of energy! In the long run though, your body will have finished detoxifying itself and when you eat fruit you’ll be filled with instant energy!

Some people decide that they want to get the detoxification process out of the way before they start to eat normally again. I’ve seen people do “orange juice fasts” and other citrus fruit fasts. This is because citrus fruits help speed up the process of detoxification. That’s why everyone drinks orange juice and grapefruit juice in the mornings. Try not to take in too many citrus fruits when you are sick, since your body is already dealing with the clean up of attacking cells to your body. It does not need to try to attack older substances at this point in time.

Why do I need to detoxify my body?

Your body detoxifies itself constantly, but more heavily during the night when you’re sleeping. In general, when your body is not busy digesting what you just ate or some other hard body functions, it will be trying to detoxify your cells. Because of this, the detoxification process happens mostly during the night. The process continues during morning until you eat something. So this is the important thing to keep in mind, you should eat something light and easily digestable by your body. The thing to eat in the morning is fresh fruits or fruit juices. You should also have a green smoothie or any other fruit smoothie, because these will give you lots of energy. This way you won’t feel tempted to have something big and heavy in the morning like eggs and bacon.

By giving your body a break in the morning when it comes to digesting, you help your body to detoxify. This means that your body can detoxify everything you ate the day before and if you don’t get it occupied with other foods to work on, it can also start to detoxify the foods that you ate 10 years ago! Let’s face it we haven’t always been eating healthy diets. Most parents did not fully understand nutrition and cooked meals were always on demand. Lots of meat based meals with little vegetable content were probably your main diet for a long time. So let your body take care of you and clean your insides out, by giving it time to detoxify your cells.

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