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What makes a great commercial? How do you describe a product and have it fit perfectly into the consumer’s life? These questions are asked in marketing committees and focus groups around the world. They have an idea, a simple, beautiful idea. They find a way to nurture that idea, to give what all ideas require, something it can use. This idea is not merely limited to a single action, it comes in all shapes and sizes, and the people who see these ideas know this. The nurturers spend their days wondering what they might be able to create that will help the idea grow. Once the nurturer has found the perfect tool, they then need to present it, and see where this idea will go.

The idea is you. You are what the marketers think about every day, you are what they spend hours looking at, figuring out what drives you, what inspires you. They don’t do this for malicious intent, they do it to find that one thing that will make your life better, and they spend billions of dollars every year showing you how.

This is the world of marketing, consumerism, and sales. This world is harsh, tedious, and painful, but within this world is wonder, mystery, and delight. Showing a customer what will fulfill them and why, and then seeing that customer come back with all the joy and delight the salesmen promised is one of the greatest joys that man has, for he spends eight hours a day telling people what they need and why, and they base it off what the consumer told them.

Marketing is somewhat different though, marketing brings to life a whole new aspect of the story. The reason is because marketers rarely have direct contact with the customer. Does that make them less in-tune with what the customers need? No, because everyone is a customer. Everyone buys, and everyone knows what it’s like to be hurt, and helped by the man at the door.

All this is taken into account when preparing an ad. Who is the customer, what do they want? What do we have that can help them achieve it? Most importantly they ask, how can I tell the customer, with a kind heart and honest words, with no tricks or blabber, that they can do even more than they imagined with my product if only given the chance.

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