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Decision Magazine – Online

Decision magazine is the main publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Well-known, popular, and an effective vehicle for bringing the message of Christ and Christian living, Decision is now available in an on-line edition. Published since 1960, Decision on-line began in January, 1999 (articles from all issues are available in the Decision Library section). Of course, the heart of Decision are the articles. I can tell you that among Christian writers, getting an article in Decision is a feather in your cap. In the current issue, there is an appropriately-timed article in a continuing series on the Ten Commandments, “How Do We Honor Our Parents?”, two excellent articles on living a distinctly Christian life, another in a series on “Why Should We Believe in Jesus?”, a piece for parents by Ruth Bell Graham, and a behind-the-scenes look at the new BGEA film, “Something to Sing About”, and more. Be sure to read Billy Graham’s monthly message, too. In addition, Billy has a good evangelistic article, “The Only Way’. Want to submit an article to Decision? The guidelines are here (follow them!). And you can also subscribe to the hard copy version from the web site. Of course, there are links to the BGEA as well as Alive! magazine and spiritual helps. Everything on the site is of the highest quality–articles, layout, graphics, and navigation. This is the quality all Christian sites should strive for. Check back every month to see what’s in one of the best in Christian magazines. You can reach Decision at decision@bgea.org.


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