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Ductless Air Conditioning – Great Alternative to Window Air Conditioning Units

By on March 12, 2008

The use of ductless air conditioning can reduce your energy bills if you have rooms in your home that are used frequently or still feel hot when the central air conditioning unit is operating. For homes that have no central air unit, the use of ductless air conditioning is a terrific alternative to traditional window style air conditioning units. The ductless air conditioning units provide better cooling and cost less to operate than the window style units.

To decrease the burden on your central air conditioning system, you can use a ductless air conditioning unit to cool certain areas of your home. This is a great cooling alternative. Your entire home will feel cooler and both of the units will use less energy than standing alone. For example, if you do a great deal of cooking in the summer months; a ductless unit can be used to cool the kitchen to prevent the central unit from operating all day long while the kitchen is hot. The kitchen will be more comfortable and the rest of the house will remain a consistent temperature which will trigger the central unit less frequently.

If your home has no central unit, it can become sweltering hot during the warm months of the year. Many people turn to window style air conditioning units. The problem is that there is no way to regulate the air flow. Homes are targeted by thieves because the units can be quickly removed to gain entry into the house. The ductless air conditioning units have controls to regulate air flow. You get more cooling per unit of energy consumed and a better cooling system throughout the entire home instead of relying on window style units where the air temperature is often not regulated consistently through the home. For more air conditioning ideas visit


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