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Five Reasons Family Doctors Get Sued

Doctors are human and like all of us they make mistakes. However, when doctors make a mistake when dealing with patients, it could lead to serious life changing consequences for the patient. Family doctors, in particular, are often sued for a variety of reasons.

1. Improper diagnoses or a delay in diagnosis.

The most common reason why doctors get sued, a wrong diagnosis or even a delay in diagnosis could prove harmful to patients and, in some cases, even lead to death. Doctors make mistakes and will get it wrong from time to time, but if this leads to serious consequences for the patient it could alter their life forever.

2. Error in Drug treatments.

Prescribing the right drugs to treat an illness is just as important as diagnosing the illness. Some drugs offer more side effects and are inherently more dangerous than others. If a patient receives a drug that fails to work for them or causes them more harm than good, doctors can quickly find themselves getting served for not providing the right type of care for the patient.

3. Mistakes during trauma care.

When patients come in with a potentially broken bone, it is important for the doctors to treat each injury as though it was the worst case scenario and not dismiss the pain as a simple sprain. In many cases, doctors will dismiss the pain as the result of something minor when, in fact, it was something more serious requiring the patient to revisit the hospital and increasing the chances that the patient will do further harm to the injury.

4. Negligence during medical procedures.

In many cases family doctors must perform a variety of medical procedures. Most of the time they are well trained for the procedure and are physically and mentally prepared to do the procedure. There are instances, however, where the doctor is not well versed in a procedure or is distracted during the procedure. When something goes wrong, the patient’s life could be in danger or other serious consequences that endanger the patient’s quality of life could occur.

5. Forgetting to get informed consent from the patient.

It is a doctor’s duty to provide the patient with all of the information about any procedure they are performing and it is up to the doctor to acquire the consent of the patient to perform these procedures. In many cases doctors can forget to obtain the required legal consent or they may not fully explain what the procedure they are performing involves leaving the patient vulnerable to potential side effects without their knowledge.

If you or someone you love has experienced this type of medical negligence while under the care of a family doctor, it is important to talk to an attorney to learn what options you have. Family doctors, like all physicians, are sued each and every day for a variety of reasons. If you feel one of these reasons applies to your unique situation then you must seek legal advice before continuing as you may be entitles to compensation based on the seriousness of the error made by the physician.

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