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How Do Teenagers Get Into a Club?

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The term clubbing, going to a club, and so on might bring up images of dancing all night, drinking and hooking up with other people. But what is clubbing really like and what can you expect when you go to a club for the first time? Find out by reading this article and answer your burning teenager questions about the idea of going to a club for the first time, how it is to get in. You’ll find important tips and information to make sure you don’t get into trouble when you try to go to a club for the first time and how you can make your first clubbing experience more positive and memorable.

When it’s your first time going to a club, you might get kind of nervous and the “getting into a club” part of the night is going to be a bit nerve racking. If you are in the United States where the legal drinking age is 21 years of age, you won’t be able to go to a club for awhile. But if you’re in Canada, where the legal drinking age ranges from 18 to 19 years of age, then listen up. You might want to plan a trip to Canada to explore the different clubs, and in which case I suggest you try to visit Montreal city or Toronto city to enjoy the clubs that these places have to offer.

First of all I suggest that you dress up. Bouncers at clubs check that you abide by the clothing standards, which usually means no sneakers, no chains, no jeans and you had better look sleek and sexy. As a rule girls can get into clubs faster and with less hassle, because no one wants to go to a club where there are no girls. So if you want to have a girls’ night out then you’ll be guaranteed entry into the club of your choice much more easily. If you’re a guy, make sure you dress to impress and look tough, not wimpy. Try to go with some female friends of yours and get in with them. Bouncers have no problems with keeping people waiting outside the club for hours while the party is raging inside.

If you are trying to get into a club while you are underage you want to be very careful. Bouncers sometimes have hand held devices that check the authenticity of your identification cards. So if you think that buying a cheap fake ID is going to get you into a club, think again. You could always consider making your own too, but you’d better hope that they aren’t checking for ID because a good bouncer will recognize that it’s a fake and they will rip up your card right in front of you. If insist on getting into a club while you are under age then I suggest you go for the less posh clubs, mostly the ones where college students go to and hang out at.

Once you’re inside there will most likely be a coat check where you can leave your coat for two dollars. Be sure to tip generously. Also, girls should never leave their purse with the coat check workers or anyone except themselves or their close friends. It happens often that your wallet will be raided and if you have any cash in your purse, it will be gone when you get your purse back at the end of the night. Be sure to stick with your friends once you’re inside the club and always leave together to make sure that everyone arrives home safely.