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How to Create Childrens Bed Tents

There are many ways that you can create unique childrens bed tents. The market carries a large assortment of bed tent’s that are appropriate for children. Unfortunately, these tents often carry a hefty price tag. With the economy on the verge of a recession, and wages at a freeze, it is often impossible to afford additional luxuries to enhance the look and feel of our living space. This is why more and more parents are starting to become a bit creative in their measures to make their children’s bedrooms more appealing to the eye, as well as the senses.

If your children have seen the recently updating styles and designs in bed tents, it is quite likely that they have expressed their interest in acquiring one. However, these luxuries can cost anywhere between fifty and a few hundred dollars! That is quite an expense! Here, I will provide you with the details that you need in order to create childrens bed tents at a fraction of the cost!

The first thing that you will want to do, naturally, when looking to create childrens bed tents is to measure the bed or beds that the tent will be used on. Seeing that the tent should cover all four sides of the bed, it is important to measure each side accordingly. You will also need to decide how far down along the side of the bed that the tent will go.

It is often best to ensure that it goes down at least three to six inches for added stability. This is especially important if you are creating a design for a younger child. The height of the childrens bed tent should also be considered. Next, it is time to travel to your local fabric store and decide on a design, theme, or color that you want to use.

Fabric stores generally carry a large assortment of materials for kids like those themed in movie characters, cartoon characters and more. On your way home, you will want to stop by your local home improvement store and pick up at least two piece of flexible hollow pipe.

Now, what you want to do when you get home is designate enough room on the sides of the material that you have chosen where you can slide the flexible pipe in. The pipe will serve as your base. Then, mark the space where the material will meet, and sew this sturdy with a sewing machine. Once you are done, you should then slide the pipe in the designated slots.

You will then want to bend the tent in a manner where you can join it with a piece of pipe that connects each end. Once this step is completed, and everything is nice and tight, you have a home made childrens bed tent! Simply place it over the bed, or in the backyard – it is extremely versatile in this manner!

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