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How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

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It might seem like a breeze at first, or to some other teenage guys it might seem like a huge mountain to be climber: how do you impress your girlfriend’s parents? It comes down to three things which you can improve upon in order to get their approval. But first, why would you want to get your teenage girlfriend’s parent’s approval at all? Maybe you don’t care what they think and you believe that you’ll be able to continue dating your sweetheart no matter what they say. But the point is that until your girlfriend is considered an adult or moves out of her parent’s house, they can pretty much decide who she dates and what she does with her time. So you had better be prepared to show your good side to her dear parents, because after all it is in your best interest.

So what do you need to do to impress your girlfriends parents? You need to look your best, mind your manners and tell them the good things that you do. Of course first impressions are important, but if it’s too late and her parents are already thinking your the devil’s spawn, then you will need to work extra hard to show them that you can be trusted with taking care of their daughter and taking her out on dates.


In order to impress you must dress to impress and groom yourself well. Take a good shower, place your hair neatly, wash your hands before you shake hands, make sure you have good breath. Wear some clothes that look neat and that flatter you. Don’t show up wearing torn jeans and sporting some mean tattoos. Keep in mind that you are trying to avoid looking like someone who will teach their daughter mean words and naughty things.


This might seem like grade school stuff and it might seem a bit obvious, but it’s important to stress this: mind your manners. Saying sir and ma’am will get you a long way, and opening doors and pulling chairs out for people is a great way to make a lasting positive first impression. Also offering to pay for dinner or lunch is a great way to look generous and it shows that you do not stop at anything to take care of their daughter and that you will meet her needs. Of course if you can’t afford something like a big dinner for a large family, then don’t worry, it will pay off in the long run. You might need to get a part time job to satisfy your new girlfriend’s cravings for expensive chocolates and jewelry, going out to movies and hanging out at a the mall anyways. So get yourself a head start and don’t sweat the small money stuff!

What you do

This one is probably the hardest of them all since you can’t really change the fact that you go to school or that you like skateboarding, for example. But what you can do is to show your hobbies and your interests in a good light. For example if you like to play music in a rock group, you can show your talents off by playing more mellow songs or songs from her parents’ childhood years to them. Or if you like to do extreme sports you could invite them to one of your sporting events and give them some great seat tickets. Maybe you would like to set up a meeting between your girlfriend’s parents and your parents and have your parents rave about all of your good qualities, how you get good grades and in school and how amazing you are at babysitting your little brother.

All in all, don’t worry too much, if you plan ahead and you present yourself in a good light then you will make a good first impression and your girlfriends’ parents will come to love you just as much as your girlfriend. And that’s a good thing! Good luck! For more tips on how to be a good boyfriend or how to impress parents, check out the Teen Advice Column.