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Buy Laptop Computer In Phnom Penh Cambodia

If you are looking to buy computer in Cambodia then you are looking at the right place. In this discussion, you will find various computer shops that sell different computer, laptop, macbook and iPad laptop cheap deal price without paying additional tax fee.

In Phnom Penh, you can buy computer from Anana computer mostly these shop you can find all the new product and clone desktop as well. Dell and Sony Vaio are popular deal and the most selling products from this shop. The location is located along Norodom Blvd opposite of Chatomok high school.

PTC computer is one of the oldest computer shop located a long Psar Thmey (Central Market) but today they move to somewhere else at the main branch on Monivong Blvd next to IBC Book center. At the old location, PSC Computer is the one who take over the location and growing their business. People said, they are relative shops.

ICE is another computer shop where you can buy new computers like desktop and laptop or computer spare parts. You can buy computer in Phnom Penh from any shops by checking the promotion price list. Don’t ever forget to check the price to compare and ask for lower the price by using your bargaining skills.

If you want to buy apple computer or phone product, you can find iOne is the distribution computer. One of the easiest to find location is to go to City Mall Shopping Center. It is one of the product show room location!

There are hundred of computer shops that you can stop by and check the price. There are two types of computer shops. The first category is selling only new computer products and the second type of secondhand computer products selling only used computer imported from Japan, U.S.A and other countries where you can spend less money to buy good quality laptop computer from these shops.

The price range to buy second hand computer is between $200 to $500 for good laptop, desktop that can be used for your everyday work.

For new computer, you would spend between $500 to $1000 for a good computer. To buy laptop computer you should need around $800 to $3000 to buy these modern computers.

Another good products for the best selection always and most people wish to buy is iPad or iPad 2 portable mini computers where you can bring along easily when you are traveling. Let’s me know what do you think and good luck in shopping your new computer!

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