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Life As A Gift From God

Life is a gift from God and not the work of our hands. It is very valuable, short, and should be nourished and cherished. Yet, life is not the highest of values. Life can be sacrificed for a higher cause. Herous freely choose to lay down their own lives for the sake of their country. Martyrs and saints choose to die rather than forsake their faith. For the martyrs of the church, life is valuable but there is a higher value, the kingdom of God.

The essential sadness is to go through life without recognizing creation as the gift of God, man wanders into those boundless wastes where he can heap riches upon riches, sexual experience upon sexual experience, forgetting that it must all be accepted as God’s good gift. All if life’s sensuousness and it’s joy, is the good creation of God. But when man is absorbed in all the richness of created life and forgets who gave it, he is then putting the “flesh” in the flesh which belongs to the creator of all flesh, to God and his Spirit.

Life never becomes a human possession, but always remains God’s property. God exhales and his breath puts life into his creatures. God inhales and his breath is withdrawn from them and they die. Wherever life is awakened, it is the work of God’s breath or Spirit. But where death occurs it is their breath or spirit that departs.

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