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Manicures and Nail Polish for Men

Manicures and nail polish for men are more popular now then they have ever been in history. This is not the only time in history that there were “French manicure guys.” French royalty in the eighteenth century had courtiers that got their nails done. That is why the manicure is called the French manicure. It’s purpose was to make the male hands look soft and elegant as rough hands with ragged nails meant you were lower class.

Manicures and nail polish for men have since evolved beyond the sheer polishes and French nail treatments of that century. Nowadays men wear red, black, blue and brown nail polish. It is particularly common among the Goth and punks in the world.

However it was not uncommon at all for the very rich to get manicures and nail polish for men . It was a mark of celebrity as well as wealth throughout the twentieth century. However unlike female treatments for nails french manicure guys stuck to sheer polishes over white tip nails. Also the white tipped nails may not necessarily be painted on like a woman’s French manicure. Instead a thick white crayon may be rubbed under the nail bed to make the nails look stronger and whiter.

Manicures and nail polish for men also come into play on a wedding day if the bride wants you to look special. Some companies that offer butlers, limo drivers and other types of domestic help may also require that the men that they employ have French manicures.

Manicures and nail polish for men is also very popular in the gay communities in Europe and North America who see a finely moisturized hand and a well buffed shining nail as a male fashion accessory. Some men even get diamond or brass studs in their longer nails, such as a pinkie nail, to produce a decorative effect.

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