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My Story, By Billy Gilman

Discrimination has always been a part of our lives. Where you grew up, how you live, where you are in life, how much you make, what color your skin his. Each of these is different, but the discrimination feels the same. This issue is hard because we can’t control how others feel towards each other, or how that makes us feel. We can only accept ourselves, and surround ourselves with people who accept us. Her his a beautiful video of a man doing just that. A country artist who has put himself out there and came out that he is gay. He did this after a photographer asked to take a picture of him and his partner for a magazine. He didn’t want his fans to find out that way, so he did a noble, and respectable thing, and made a video about it to be more personal with his fans. Billy, you deserve every fan you have, both for your music, and your integrity.

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