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Outdoor Mosquito Control: A Necessity

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Mosquitoes have become a nuisance to our surroundings. Their bite is enough to spread dreadful diseases such as malaria, dengue, chicken gunia, etc. Killing adult mosquitoes does not help in controlling the ever growing mosquito population, as much as killing the mosquito larvae. It is important to first target the mosquito breeding grounds. It is sometimes not possible to eliminate all water bodies that are present near to us. There are products like Bacillus thuringiensis, which can be used in stagnant water. These products not only effectively control mosquito larvae, but also can be safely used around areas where children and pets frequent. While outdoor during morning or evening hours, it is recommended that long sleeves and pants are worn to cover as much bare skin as possible to avoid mosquito bite, or else the DEET insect repellent can be used that can help prevent you from mosquito bites.

There are several remedies available for controlling mosquitoes outdoor. To name a few there are, space sprays, surface sprays, outdoor repellent, mosquito dunks, mosquito bits, fogging, chemical free mosquito repellents, etc. The fogging method is considered the best method for controlling mosquitoes outdoor. There are two types of foggers — the thermal fogger and the cold fogger. The thermal fogger, on heating, emanates a pesticide smoke or fog that helps in killing mosquitoes around the area, thus helping you keep unwanted mosquitoes at bay. The cold foggers do not require burning in order to create a smoke or a fog. They are much cleaner and can be safely used indoors as well.

The mosquito dunk is another mosquito control product that can be used along with other mosquito repellents. The mosquito dunk is non toxic and is very efficient. These can be placed in any mosquito breeding grounds. Even though the process of elimination of the mosquito is slow, it does provide a long term result. For more tips on mosquito control visit www.PeskySkeeters.com.