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The Guiltiest Dog Reaction Ever

Most people love dogs. They are adorable and loyal that they earned the title “Man’s Bestfriend”. But did you know? Dogs can be bad liars and here’s a story that will prove it. In this clip, a man found his shoe insole chewed into bits and one of his two dogs must take the blame! Turned out, it was the pit bull who did it when he presented the chewed up shoe insole after the serious confrontation with their human. This pit bull surely needs a few lessons in lying or loyalty to be undoubted that he wasn’t the culprit. Luckily, his dachshund friend named Oddie, stands by him in his most embarrassing hour. You can see that this pit bull is really ashamed and couldn’t really hide his guilt. It was pretty hilarious but overloaded with cuteness! Watch this clip.

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