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The Link Between Sociopaths And Cruelty To Animals

Sociopathic behavior has been studied for centuries and it has been shown that many who are afflicted usually have a past that involves some form of cruelty to animals. Serial killers, such as Ted Bundy and Brenda Spencer, abused animals when they were young. This is a serious issue, and if an adult sees a child abusing an animal, then they should not hesitate to investigate the issue further.

According to the FBI, a history of cruelty to animals is one trait that appears over and over in serial killers and even rapists. The one group of animals that suffer the most by abuse is companion animals. Family pets, such as dogs and cats, usually suffer at the hands of children who are afflicted with a mental disorder, as they tend to take their aggression out on these defenseless creatures. Just as with a domestic abuser, the animal abuser needs to show dominance. If this behavior is not dealt with effectively during childhood, then as an adult, the perpetrator could move on to human prey.

The question of what should one do if they witness a child abusing an animal remains. For one, a person should not simply shrug it off as normal childhood behavior. They should speak with the parents and if it happens again, then they should contact the correct authorities. Animal abuse so many times is seen as not being a serious crime, but it can lead to serious crimes in the future if not taken seriously. Another thing that adults can do in the fight for the prevention of cruelty to animals is to get active in their community and try to make the animal laws and consequences stricter on abusers.

There has long been a link between cruelty to animals and sociopathic behavior. This is something that parents and other adults should take very seriously if they see it happening. This behavior can lead to serious issues later in life. The animals of the world do not deserve to be treated inhumanely by an adult or a child, and children have to be taught to respect animals, as well as how to take care of them properly.

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