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This is Ridiculous! A chase you will never forget

I found this on my feed and decided to take a look, seeing that it was supposed to be a “Ninja Chase” I thought it was just be something simple and sweet, and eye appeal. I was wrong. This was the most deceiving video I’ve ever seen, the twist at the end is ridiculous, I could hardly believe it myself, but I’ll get to that. These two girls start chasing each other, I don’t speak Japanese so I couldn’t tell you why. It starts looking very homing and laid back, until they start jumping off buildings! fifty plus feet drops fully recorded, I was in shock, I thought it was awesome, it topped my list for best parcour ever seen. Because of the camera angles I could see it was stage (most of the time), but I did still enjoy it, I thought it was a homemade movie chase of some kind, then the end came. It was a commercial, a brilliant commercial that sucked me right into its world. C.C. Lemon made an ad so enticing it has taken notice to other countries as to how awesome it is, good job.

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