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Tips on How to Reformat Your Computer?

Reformatting is the last options for a troublesome computer system, and this option is used when you have a major problem with your operating system. The user needs to be careful when choosing such an action and this article shares with you some important tips on how to reformat computer.

Reformatting involves removing all the content from the hard drive, in other words, basically your operating system that is loaded on the disk of the computer is completely erased, and you need to load the operating system again to make the computer work. In order to begin this, please read the help manuals before starting this exercise for your operating system.

Before thinking of reformatting your hard disk, you need to ensure that you have backed up all your data on an external storage device or any other partition on your current hard disk, which will not be affected by the formatting. Please ensure that you have the operating system CD and all the necessary hardware drivers before you format your current system.

In the earlier days, a bootable floppy was used to format the disk, but today most of the operating system CD’s are available in bootable format, which gets initialized once you load the CD and restart your computer system. The bootable CD gives you an option to re-load the operating system on the current partition or do you wish to reformat the current partition.

If you do not wish to retain the earlier format, you can choose to clean install the operating system; in this case the system will do a quick format and install the necessary files to load the base operating system.

There are other tools available on the net, which can be downloaded to repair your system, and also give you the option of re-formatting. It is advisable to understand the consequences, as once the system is formatted the data is completely lost and cannot be recovered using any mechanism.

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