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Business Opportunities in Belize, Central America’s emerging Market

Belize might not yet be the land of opportunity but it is quickly becoming the land of emerging opportitty. The country itself is small but it is uniquely located for growth. A neighbour to Mexico’s bustling Yucatan peninsula and only a short flight from the American South, Belize seems poised to become a strategic place to do business in the new world economy.

The country, however, is so small that no one ever expects it to become a world player. Despite this, it may still be a great place to invest and see solid returns. Additionally, it could be a great place to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labour (and the countries many varities) if you are able to get in early and time the market right.

There is no question Belize is positioning itself to be the next great resort tourism location. It already has a strong reputation for adventure travelers and eco-tourism but the real monetary value is in attracting high net worth individuals to move to, invest in or live part time in Belize.

This is beginning to happen already and many entrepreneurs are eagerly making there way to the door of a country that was once known for having one of the worlds most economically intelligent inhabitants, the Mayan people. For more information on investing in Belize, and Real Estate in Belize see http://www.movingtobelizeguide.com/retire_in_belize/

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