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How to tell if You have got Diabetes Symptoms

Early detection of diabetes can go a long way in helping you fight it. There are common diabetes symptoms. Both these symptoms apply to the cases of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I will be going through some of these common diabetes symptoms today.

Constant Fatigue is a cause for concern. Fatigue is an important diabetes symptom. It is signal that the body is not efficiently using the glucose for fuel. The body will switch over to burning the fat in the body as its fuel source. This causes the body to use more energy and the result is constant tiredness.

Unexplained Weight Loss is an indicator. If you experience unexplained weight loss, even though you are eating the right amounts of food or more, it may be that your body is not processing the calories. Weight loss can be also due to sugar and water loss by frequent urination. Dehydration also leads to weight loss. Excessive thirst occurs when there are high blood sugar levels in the blood. It signals the brain there is too much sugar in the blood and the body tries to dilute it. This will make you constantly feel thirsty.

Frequent Urination is Not Good. Your body tries to get rid of excess blood sugar through frequent urination. Sugar carries water with it as it is flushed out of the body. The body gets confused and tries to produce more insulin when the body has become resistant to it. When the body has high insulin levels, the body thinks it needs to stimulate hunger. You may be eating more, but not gaining weight, and could even lose weight.

Prolonged healing of wounds is a Trouble Sign. A wound taking excessive time to heal is another sign you should be concerned about high blood sugar levels. The high sugar levels prevent white cells from functioning properly. White blood cells fight bacteria and clean up dead tissue and cells. When the white blood cells are not working properly, it takes wounds longer to heal and there is more of a chance of infection in the wound.

Frequent infections may be a sign of poor blood sugar control. Yeast infections, skin infections, and urinary infections appear because sugar levels in the blood allow infections to attack and grow. If these infections often show up, it should send a signal to contact your doctor, especially if you have been diagnosed as prediabetes.

Weakened or blurry vision is dangerous. If you experience weakened or blurry vision, you should have your blood sugar levels checked. This isn’t a symptom of diabetes alone, but is widely known as a symptom of high blood sugar levels.

Poor Mental Health is the Result. One of the scariest diabetes symptoms could be how it affects your mental health. Agitation, inability to pay attention, increased irritability, confusion, and high sugar levels could explain inactivity and the previously listed symptoms. If you or your loved one experiences some unexplained mood swings, then it is a good idea to check things out.

Diabetes symptoms vary from person to person. If you suspect that you have diabetes, go see a doctor. It is likely that your doctor will suggest a blood sugar test before he can give you an accurate diagnosis.

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