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The World’s Lightest Lightweight Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs have come a long way in the past decade. The lightweight wheelchairs which are currently commercially available weigh under 5kg including wheels. This is approximately half the weight of the lightweight wheelchairs of only ten years ago.

Why are lightweight wheelchairs getting lighter?

The decrease in weight of lightweight wheelchairs is due to a combination of lighter materials and improved wheelchair design. Some lightweight wheelchairs are made of aluminum or titanium. But the lightest of the lightweight wheelchairs are made of carbon fiber or other composite materials.

How much lighter can wheelchairs get?

While at one time the lightest wheelchair wheels weighed much less than the rest of the wheelchair, the past decade has seen wheelchair frames drop in weight at a much faster rate than the wheelchair wheels. Most wheelchair wheels now weigh nearly as much as the lightest wheelchair frames. It is likely that newer technology for manufacturing wheelchair wheels will cut off a significant part of wheelchairs weight.

In addition, it is possible that newer materials and better design can continue to take more weight off of lightweight wheelchairs. How much lighter can wheelchairs be? Currently the world’s lightest lightweight wheelchair weigh just over 4kg. With lighter wheelchair wheels and lighter materials less than 3kg for a lightweight wheelchair is within reality in the not too distant future. 

Where can you find more information about lightweight wheelchairs?

Read this article about lightweight wheelchairs for more about the world’s lightest wheelchairs and how to select a lightweight wheelchair for your needs.

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